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First Class Star Life Eagle

This section of our Troop Web site explains how we keep track of advancements and how you can get the most recent progress update. If you have questions you can email our Advancement Chairman, Mr. Jones, at Please put the words "Troop 362" in the subject of your email. Otherwise it may be deleted without being read.


Advancements are recorded in our Troopmaster database by our Advancement Chairman, Mr. Jones. In Troopmaster we keep track of each individual requirement for the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. For the ranks of Star, Life and Eagle we track COMPLETED merit badges. For all ranks we also record attendance at troop activities such as camping trips, service projects, swim nights, etc. In addition we record hours of service time and information on leadership positions held by each Scout.

Most of this information is also recorded in your Scout book - if you bring it to our meetings.

When you complete each requirement for the ranks up to and including First Class, the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster who worked with you will inform the Advancement Chairman about your completed requirements and these will be entered into our system. Merit badges are handled a bit differently.

In order to receive a merit badge you must contact a registered counselor for that badge - see the Advancement Chairman for information on who handles each badge. When you have completed the badge have the counselor fill out a "blue card" (you get blank blue cards from the Advancement Chairman). Take the completed and signed blue card back to the Advancement Chairman - he will take a part of the card and give part back to you for your records. The completed merit badge will then be recorded in Troopmaster. Please note that it is the Scout's responsibility to get the proper signatures on the blue card and give it to the Advancement Chairman. If you are working on a merit badge with a counselor who is a member of our troop you don't need a blue card until you have completed the badge. If you are going to a counselor outside of our troop you should have a blue card when you start the badge.

We generally do not record partial merit badges. It is up to you and your merit badge counselor to keep track of partial accomplishments. One exception is partials from summer camp - we do keep this information. Please note that the Advancement Chairman can answer questions about your records but only a registered merit badge counselor can sign that you have completed all requirements for a merit badge. When you have specific questions about a merit badge please contact your counselor. Also note that you can get merit badge requirements from the web at

How do I know what I've completed?

This is easy! First look in your Scout book. If you aren't sure if this is up to date check with Mr. Jones. You can do this at a Troop meeting or send him an email He can show you your advancement information on the computer and even email a report that you can print out with your home computer. Note: Please put the words "Troop 362" in the subject of your email. Otherwise it may be deleted without being read. Thank you.

Eagle candidates can download the Eagle Service Project workbook from the national BSA web site in fillable PDF format. Please follow the download directions on the page. More information about the Trail to Eagle, Eagle candidates, and notable Eagles is available from (National Eagle Scout Association).



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