Troop 362 - Bethlehem PA

Summer Camp

2023 Summer Camp
Camp Minsi
Troop 362

July 16 to 22, 2023

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Camp Address:
Camp Minsi
106 Camp Minsi Road
Pocono Summit, PA 18344

GPS Coordinates:
N41 07.231’ W75 25.475’

Google Map (with directions link)


Take Rt. 33 North to Rt. 80 West. Exit onto Rt. 380 North. Take the first exit (Exit 3) and turn left. Go approximately 1 mile and turn right into the camp at the Camp Minsi sign (small sign on right, Police station on left). Bear left and proceed to the parking lot.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What do we do when we get there:

When you get there find the other boys from our troop in the parking lot. Put all your gear together with the other Scouts from Troop 362. This will be loaded on a trailer and taken directly to our campsite. Check in activities include cafeteria orientation, a troop picture and a swimming test. Make sure that you have your bathing suit on under your uniform and that you have a towel handy (not packed with your other gear). After the swimming test we will go to our campsite, assign tents and get settled. Parents and brothers and sisters are welcome to stay. There is a guest fee for dinner.

What is a campsite:

Each campsite has several groups of tents organized in a circle. Our troop will have about 6 of these circles with about 6 tents in each. There is usually a fire pit in the center of each circle. The camp provides the tents. Two boys will be in each tent. These tents are on wooden platforms and have two cots (wood frame with canvas stretched over frame).


Each campsite has a latrine but no shower facilities. There are central bathrooms with showers (and hot water) in the center of the camp.

What is the Muck Hike?

This is an experience you won't forget!!! You will hike through several feet of black generally gets about chest high!!! It feels yucky!!! but everyone has a great time. Wear long pants, without holes - duct taping the bottom of the pants generally keeps out some of the muck. After more than an hour of hiking in this muck you will hike to the lake and try to get the muck off. This never works... off you go to the central showers. You will remove all of your clothes and throw them all away, including underwear, socks and sneakers. Now take a nice warm shower and get ready for dinner in clean clothes. When packing for camp make sure you pack your throw-away muck hike clothes and shoes. The muck hike is optional.

What can I do at the Waterfront?

Swim, Sail, Canoe, Row, Mile Swim and many merit badges. First you must take the swimming test. Some activities have a minimum age requirement. You will always be with a buddy!!!


Where do we eat?

Most meals are served in the mess hall. The menu for the entire week is available online. If you take cooking merit badge you will probably cook a breakfast and lunch. One evening during the week we will cook and eat at our campsite. Family members are invited to join us.

What is Frigid Froggy?

This is a pre-breakfast swim. This is optional but many scouts and adults from our troop do this every day. They wake up a bit early, walk to the lake together and take a very quick swim.



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