Troop 362 - Bethlehem PA

What To Take

Put all of your gear in a footlocker (plastic with a place for a combination lock).

You should have:       (scroll down to get a printable version)

Pocketknife and Toten Chip (if you have one) Sweater, sweatshirt or warm jacket
Watch Underwear
Camera Socks
First aid kit Hat with brim for shade
Sun protection Class B shirts
Bug repellent (no spray cans) Long Sleeve shirt(s)
Canteen Long pants
Flashlight Hat with brim
Compass Bandanas
Pack (optional) Hiking boots or study shoes/sneakers (extra pair recommended)
Sleeping bag Full Troop Uniform (slacks or shorts, socks, shirt, neckerchief, hat)
Pillow Rain gear
Foam sleeping pad Muck hike clothes/shoes (throw away) click here for info
Fishing pole & gear (optional) Bathing suit(s)
Rope (for clothesline) Cup or mug (plastic)
Scout Book (a must have!!) Soap and deodorant
Merit Badge books Toothbrush & toothpaste
Bible Dental floss
Paper, pencils, pens, notebook Comb/brush
Money (for snacks and craft merit badges) Plastic bags (for dirty clothes)
Medicine (labeled with name, dose, frequency) - give to troop leader Towels (for showers and swimming)

To view and print a Camping Trip Checklist click here: 


Page two of this document includes information on Gear Selection.

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